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Terms & Conditions

We at want the users of this particular website to follow the terms and conditions before using it.

In case the consumer, does not have or does not follow exactly the e-commerce information related to our products, he or she can take that information in another format and thereby download on the computer. It is also important for the consumer to go through the other applications and formats related to this site. Some of them are Excel, power Point, PDF and word.

Formats of files

There are certain oil related products on our website for which the consumer needs the unzipping software in order to see the complete information related to these products. In case, the consumer wants to go for the unzipping tools, he or she can go to search in the Google.

Regarding the policy of refund

We have a clear policy of refund related to our oil products, but there is only refunded in case of any tampering with the product as far as the shipping is concerned. We also refund in case the product is sent out of order and we also see an explanation from the sales department in this matter. We also give the exchange offer in case the consumer does not want back the refund.

Website information ---certain guidelines

All we say that the information mentioned on our website acts as a guide of knowledge for our consumers and one should not considered as a legal authority.

Privacy ---an important factor for us

We follow the privacy guidelines as far as the product information is concerned nor do we give the credit card or any other transaction details of our consumers to a third person or party.

Terms and condition ----there will be updating as required

The fact is we have every right to modify the terms and conditions related to our website as and when required. We do not need to give any information to our existing subscribers in this matter. In case the consumer does not agree with the new terms and conditions, it is better for him or her not to have any access to . Many references mentioned in the terms and conditions point to the parent company with which we are associated.. However, we may inform our certain section of consumers regarding the new addition of the terms and conditions. These will be the consumers who have a permanent base with us as far as our essential oil products are concerned. Any type of content that a person uses from our website for commercial purposes in a ditto copy will be considered illegal. If such a case is found, it will be subject to action from the authorities.