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Radish Seed Oil

Product Code: MS - 1323
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Radish Seed Oil

Radish is  a very healthy vegetable. It is a root vegetable from the family of brassica which was domesticated in Europe now radish is grown throughout whole world. Radish is found in different size, flavor, and color like  white, black, red and radishes are germinate quickly and grow rapidly and can be cunsum pted within a month but some types of radishes tape some more time like several months. We all know that radish is an edible healthy root which is eaten as a crunchy salad vegetable but did you know radish seed also have very health ful properties. These seeds contain oil which is very useful for spin and hair. This oil is also helpful for optimal health. Radish seed oil has a unique fatty acid which is called erucic acid. This acid is very similar to the silicon. This uniqul fatty acid gives the hairs natural glow which mapes your hair velvety shine. This essential oil is extracted from the seed of radish through cold pressed method keeping purity in mind. Radish seed oil is found in different color with a bitter taste. This is why some radishes are grown for their seeds: daikon, for instance, may be grown for oil production. Cold pressed radish seed oil is very emollient and easily absorbed. It is an excellent moisturizer and supple. Apply to all types of skin and hair.

Benefit of Radish seed oil:-
-    It is extremely useful in treating jaundice because it removes bilirubin and peeps its production at stable level.
-    It purifies the blood and eliminating toxins and waste.
-     It reduces the destruction of red blood calls by increasing the supply of fresh oxygen to the blood.
-    Radish seed oil is an excellent addition to cosmetics and personal care formulations. 
-    It is used in soaps for all types of skin.
-    Redish seed oil is very good supple for all types of hairs so it is used in hair formulations.

Technical Information
Product Name Radish Seed Oil
Botanical Name Raphanus Sativus
Product Code MS - 1323
Country of Origin Rajasthan, India
F.E.M.A. # No
Color & Odor No
Methods of Extraction Cold pressed

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