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Private Labeling

They say bring light in your inner self and you will find the radiance shining forth and all around you. Beautification runs deep and so, it needs the purification within the depth not the surface. Similar is with the skin. You use numerous face washes, facial creams and skin treatments, but unless and until you give your skin the much required deep nourishment, you won’t get the desired health and glow at your skin. We at Mahishop understand this concept very much, and therefore to suit the individual requirements, we offer the giant collection of essential oils. These oils are very useful for the skin beautification due to their natural ingredients and inflammatory properties. Apart from skin purpose, the oils are also beneficial for certain ailments whose cures are hard to find.

The oils have been extracted from the rare herbs and roots and leaves of plants, which are found in the denser lush woods. Have you considered how the aroma and the natural essence of these compounds are preserved? Surely, this depends upon the quality of packaging and the packaging stuff in which the oils are packed and transported. But what would be such high quality packaging stuff and methods, that natural and native essence could be saved? Isn’t it wondrous? Let’s peek into the process of how the rare gems of nature are packaged.

Essential oils are very high value products containing rare herbs whose compelling aromas and beneficial properties need to be preserved at any cost. That’s why they need a foolproof packaging system. Aluminium bottles with glass dropper bottles and pipette droppers are nowadays most prevalent and popular method for packaging the curative essential oils.

The aluminium bottles come in different sizes and shapes which apart from being unbreakable are very attractive also. These box-up tools are suited to hold the desired volumes of oils. Being a natural oils megastore, Mahishop also take bulk orders from clients who want to be delivered to them large volume of oils. We also offer OEM packaging that means totally customised ways. Even the boxes, their sizes and shapes are chosen by customers and the permitted volumes of curative oils. We make sure that all our packaging materials are unbreakable and can undergo even the harshest climate conditions. The materials are air tight and avoid leakage in any case.

In our packaging units, we have state-of-art packing machines which use durable and infallible wrapping of the essential oil containers. These wrappings are used so that the aroma, freshness and the essential properties of these products are retained for an extended time period.

At Mahishop, we understand that packaging of essential need be durable and long lasting as well as stylish and modern. With us, customers can access trendy and diverse packaging which is strong and infallible also.