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Privacy Policy

In our business, we have to deal with clients directly and frequently. It is extremely important for us to make a string client base and to sustain the same for long. No client likes to take the pain of contacting a vendor repeatedly for their needs; rather, they expect the after-sales services to be taken care of by the company. In order for us to do so, we need to collect and gather quite a bit of personal and non-personal information of our valued clientele.

It is very important to protect these data as they include many intimate details that a client would never like to divulge. Thus, we have a very strong Privacy Policy at place.

What information do we seek?

The information that we sought for is limited to our products and related enquiries only. In order to update the client continually about our newer products and developments, we seek their personal phone numbers and email ID’s, although we strictly ensure that they are never divulged to other marketers or used for telemarketing, leading towards awakening disgust of the client.

Besides, we also seek for your name, age, date of birth, communication address as well as the range of products that you have used, would prefer to use in future and would like to be updated for the newer ranges.

We also need the banking transaction details in case of online payments and transactions. But since they work through authorized channels, there is hardly any chance of misuse involved in them. We would also like to know the amount for payments, and the type of cards used for the process.

Ways to collect the information

We can collect your information over the stores or through the internet. In both cases, you have the options of providing only the information that you desire to divulge with. Our call centers and home delivery systems can also ask for your details as required, and in all cases, there would be forms that will be provided to you.


Your consent is of utmost importance to us, and without that, we would not store any information of yours with us. In all sorts of forms, there is a place for your consent signature. Without your signature, we would not like to store any of your data.

Customer Care

We have a very strong customer care services system. We would like to reach out to you the moment you need us. We take your grievances very seriously, and go the extra step forward to make sure that your level of satisfaction is achieved.

In order to reach out to you in such cases, we need to have some of your contact information with us. For returns and exchanges, we definitely need the contact address and information about you. In such cases, you have to provide us the information and we ensure that all of it will be kept a secret. We do not divulge information with anybody so as to avoid telemarketing, which we do not promote. All of your personal information with us is kept only with us, and used by us only for returns, exchanges, promotions and new product ranges and offers.