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Natural Cosmetic Butters

It seems that only few people are blessed with flawless skin. But this is not the case; you too can get radiant and youthful skin with the help of natural cosmetic butters.

Natural butters, for example, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Kokum butter and Mango butter are great sources for beautifying your skin and giving it the long lasting radiance. There is a particular set of properties that each butter exhibits and pampers your skin.

Separated from pure cocoa beans, Cocoa butter is a pale yellowish butter with an aroma of dark chocolate. Because of its thick consistency, you will find Cocoa butter in the deeply moisturizing body creams and lip balms.

If you are looking for body butter with little amount of SPF, then go for Shea Butter which contains SPF 6. You can also melt and whip this butter and then blend with other body lotions to create an effective sunscreen body butter that also deeply nurtures your skin. You can also use Shea butter for making conditioners for your hair, if you have dry and brittle hair.

At Mahi Globals, we offer highly refined and purest Mago butter which has excellent humectant (moisture sealing) properties. This butter is ideal for healing dry, cracked skin. Also, this is the only butter which can be used in extreme skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis.

Mahi Globals only sells the highest quality natural cosmetic butters which are used in Aromatherapy and cosmetic formulations.

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Cocoa butter is a pure, crushed form of butter that is pale yellowish in colour. This butter is extr..
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Kokum butter is a hard butter, which is white in colour, and which is extracted from the fruit kerne..
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Mango butter is extracted from the kernels of the mango tree by expeller pressing method. The botani..
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The botanical name of Shea Butter is Butyrospermum parkii. Shea butter is ivory coloured fat that is..
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