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Mint Oils

Mint Oils

Mahi Globals has been distilling mint oils since almost a decade now. We use our indigenous essential oils to prepare a variety of aromatherapy products and sell them across the globe. Flanked with our own distilling, we hire the expertise of our fellow rural Indian farmers to grow aromatic plants and distill oils for us. We have an world class infrastructure in the form of a makeshift and ‘portable’ distillery so that the flowers, roots, and leaves are absolutely fresh when distilled. This guarantees the unmatched quality parameters and unrivaled effervescence of the oils.

They are recognized as Certified Organic Processors and their oils have all been certified under the world renowned BFA Organics Standard. Chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers are prohibited. Instead the base material products are nurtured using traditional farming methods. We take utmost pride in ensuring that from the inception of the entire process till its end, soil fertility is built and maintained; natural structures and systems are worked with and not against; there is a least, if not zero, any damage to the environment, and topping-the-priority, Mother Nature is being respected.

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Cornmint essential oil has a fresh and soft with a strong minty, herbaceous aroma presenting a top f..
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Essential oil of Mentha Piperita or Peppermint is steam-distilled from the whole plant prior to its ..
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One can get the peppermint oil from the peppermint plant. This is in fact the fusion between the spe..
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Spearmint essential oil is obtained from a plant Mentha Spicta of Labiatae family, which i..
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