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Helichrysum Essential Oil

Product Code: MS - 1025
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Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum oil is one of the effective natural oil extracted from Helichrysum angustifolium of the Asteraceae family which is originated in Italy. It is very well recognizes from its French synonym Immortelle meaning everlasting. The flower of this plant in the historic period was dried and offered to Greek god.

It comes in pale yellow to red transparent liquid with strong spicy overtones odor and a curry like aroma and is very well soluble in water but is insoluble in alcohol and other essential and carrier oils.


-Plants and flowers have been considered a natural remedy in curing health problems since the past period, so is the Helichrysum oil obtained by its specie.
-It acts as a detoxifier and thus supporting liver to get rid off of venom and wastes from the body.
-Acting as a pain killer, beneficial for those with joint pain, sprain, and twisted ankles.
Helichrysum essential oil is apt to describe it as first aid oil, promotes wound healing through tissue regeneration with the help of an essential oil diktones present in it.
-One of the recent discoveries has evolved the anti-aging property in it protects the skin from damaging free radicals, and helps the skin to look much younger and glowing.


Blends with

The oil merges very finely with chamomile oil, sags, lavender oil, Clarysage OIl, bergamot oil, rose oil, and mandarin oil.


 Helichrysum essential oil constitutes a-pinene, b-pinene, 1.8cineole, limonene, linalool, nerol, geraniol, eugenol and other b-diktones.

Technical Information
Botanical Name Helichrysum Italicum
CAS# 8023-95-8
Product Code MS - 1025
Country of Origin Italy
F.E.M.A. # 2592
Color & Odor Pale Yellow to Red & Strong Smelling Oil.
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation Process

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