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Delivery Information

We at want to make customers aware abut the delivery information of our oil products so that there might not be any confusion at the later information. The delivery information of our oil products is in accordance with the rules and regulation of the territory of operation. Our e-commerce department of sales abides by such conditions.

Distribution and copyright

We, on our website, accept this fact that we have a copyright and distribution of our products. The oil products we release from our e-commerce department of our website are actually for the use of the individual. The oil products available on our website are categorized into two ---sell and resell. But we have only one section on our website where we do the business of re-sell items. The other product category does not come in re-sell items. Our online e-commerce department has the sole authority over the particular oil or its byproduct item as far as the sale of the item is concerned. We do not transfer any agreement document to another party giving it the authority to sell the product.

Options about the payment

We at are very much concerned when it comes to the transactions and the payment details. In case the online customer is finding any problem as far as the payment button is concerned, he or she can call via the phone numbers our sales and delivery team. The phone numbers are mentioned on our website. There is another option of Paypal as well.

Other delivery details

We ship the essential oil products to our concerned customer to the complete address that he or he has been mentioned on the online sales form. We request our online customers to provide the correct address details without any mistake so as to avoid any problems in future as far as the delivery is concerned. Our essential aromatic oil products are across the globe and we abide by the international shipping rules, but we cannot guarantee the exact time of shipping of the product. There can be at times delay of the product by a day or so. We send the items by the regular post, but we do not have the control of the mailing process.

Other information about delivery options

Our sales department team delivers the products after the thorough processing and in case, there is the availability of the particular stock ordered by the consumer, it will be delivered within one working day after we receive the order. This means that the customer will receive his essential oil product in a span of few days once it is dispatched from our department. However, we do not guarantee what will not guarantee about plus minus a few days depending on the destination where the product goes. It depends on the shipping companies that are associated with us for product delivery