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Amyris Essential Oil

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Amyris Essential Oil

Amyris oil is an essential oil and the aroma of this oil has the woody effect. The oil has a vanilla note and is also used as a supplement for the very rich sandalwood oil. The oil is known for its strength as well as the aroma. One can take the benefit of the oil as a natural fixative and it also acts as a aphrodisiac. The botanical name of the oil is amyris balsamifera. The color of the oil is pale yellow. The oil has the base perfumery note and its consistency is thick. The aroma of the oil is vanila plus woody cedar touch. Amyris oil is another name is west indian sandalwood oil. Amyris tree is also known as candle tree or torchwood. This herb was originated in country of haiti. Amyris is a small evergreen tree natal to asia, haiti and other and other caribbean island and as well as central america. It belongs to rue family. Amyris essential oil is opinion to have strong anti-inflammatory action. Amyris oil is often used as scent. The long lived of the aroma makes it a popular choice in perfumery and cosmetics as a fixative.


The uses of the amyris oil

- The prime use of the Amyris essential oil is in the area of fragrancing and perfumery.
- The oil also is used as fixative.
The oil is known for its sedative and antiseptic properties.
- It is an effective cure for the treatment of various skin problems.

- It is utilized in meditation and therapeutic massage.
- It is also used in creams, cosmetics and perfumes for additional fragrance.
- It can ease sore and tired muscles

Blends with

One can blend Amyris oil with almond or pure coconut and the blend can be used as an  effective treatment for skin ailments.


The prime constituents of the oil are elemol, beta-eudesmol and valerianol. All these elements are effective for various treatments. 


Technical Information
Product Name Amyris Oil
Botanical Name Amyris balsamifera
CAS# 8015-65-4
Product Code MS-1084
Country of Origin Jamaica
F.E.M.A. # No
Color & Odor Viscous pale yellow liquid with Faintly woody, slightly sweet, reminiscent of Sandalwood
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation

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