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About Us

Welcome to Mahi Globals, the Company behind online mega store - We are into the unique business of extracting the essential oils full of nutrients for your usage. This otherwise simple act involves quite a few important factors with respect to the friendly treatment of the Mother Earth. All our products are nature based, and so, it becomes our duty to not only protect her, but also replenish her for the resources used. Moreover, we also have the mandate of delivering exactly what we committed to or clients, and ensure that they get exactly what they are looking for. They should not be delivered something that is harmful, non-ecofriendly and at the end, unethical.

Thus, we have a strict set of ethical code of conduct that all members of ours follow without fail. We have a mission to accomplish through delivering to the clients and a commitment to keep towards the Mother Earth.


Our mission is to achieve excellence in our products by choosing the right kind of products that give our clients the exact nutrition that they need and desire. Our oils are not only for the aroma, they also have high nutritional and medicinal values. We are committed to pick up the newest source of nutrients from across the medicinal herbs found all over the globe, and present it to our clients in the best possible and safest form. In our processing steps, we are sure to take care of the fact that no impurity, harmful chemicals or unethical ingredients are added to add value. Thus, our mission statement is as follows:-

->  To supply value added aroma therapy products continuously to our clients.

->  To replenish the Mother Earth in order to compensate for the resources that we use.

->  To ensure that no unethical treatment is met out to any plant or animal in our processes.

->  To ensure that there is no harmful chemicals added in our products.

Research & Development

It is a tough ask to replenish the resources to the Nature. Most of our resources are annually renewable so that the process of replenishment is quick. We are in the process of continual development of our R&D processes so as to reduce the replenishment time.

At the same time, it is a tough challenge to make our processes more and more eco-friendly and free of harmful substances. It is a must that our clients do not have any problem in using the products on their health and beauty.

Corporate Social responsibility

We are aware of the various social problems around us, and a large part of what we earn is devoted for eradicating some of these. We are in the process of ensuring that for each unit of our sales, a part of the earnings is automatically directed towards the schooling of rural India. We are also making it possible to benefit the local villagers in the remote parts of India and the world who are continually helping us with their traditional knowledge about the herbs available in and around their localities, their health benefits and processes of extraction.